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Devices to be Covered
How Many Servers?
Do you have any Remote Sites?
Do you have any Critical Workstations?
Do you have Virtual Servers, If so how many?
Do you have any Network Attached Storage?
Are you using Microsoft Exchange Server?
Are you using Sharepoint?
Do you run a Webserver onsite?
Do you run a SQL Server?
What type of backup are you using?
Is your backup product Cloud based?
How many total Network Devices?
Do you have a firewall? if so what kind?
How many Computers and or laptops do you want covered?
How many Printers or Scanners?
How Many Tablets and Cell Phones?
Do you use all Microsoft PC Laptopn and Server Products?
Do you run any LINUX Products?
Will you want to use our Help Desk for all your IT Needs?
Would you like us to manage your Backups?
Would you like a full coverage site plan?
Using our Plans above, which plan do you feel with fit your needs the best?

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